10 Best Apps for Professional Women

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite mobile apps that I think every professional woman should have on their phone.

1. InHerSight Is a new comprehensive experience to finding a job. This app helps you you can set your goals while clearly outline your must-haves for your next job. You will have access to articles, podcasts, music, stats and other tidbits curated based on their personal interests and goals. There is even a community forum where you can ask questions and get answers from women like you. On top of that as well, the app provides reviews of thousands of companies from the lens of what matters most to women.

2. Linkedin: The #1 professional network, Linkedin is a professional platform to connect professional globally building you a larger network. There are also many development classes and tools through Linkedin Learning that apply directly to your role. Linkedin has recently incorporated daily news which is a great one-stop-shop for career-related news.

3. Ellevest: Thinking of planning for your future then you need to tap into Ellevest. Ellevest is an investment platform designy by women to help close the gap in investing. This is a great platform to plan for your future long and short-term investments.

4. Todoist: This app takes your average list-making to the next level. Todoist helps you organize each task you have based on your needs while tracking personal progress with access to productivity trends. Todoist can also be integrated other apps like your calendar and Alexa.

5. Trello: Starting a new business and have a team. Then Trello is for you. Trello is a project management app which great for collaborating with a virtual team. The app incorporates brainstorming session, workload allocation, and checklists monitoring.

6. Timeful: We are in the age of mindfulness and Timeful is the best app to implement an intentional lifestyle. Timeful is a time-management app based on scientific research and testing. The app tracks our allocation of time and provides insights on how to plan, and manager our habits/schedules better. It’s like having someone follow you around for a day and outline how much time you are spending on each activity. This app provides the direct data of how we spend our days, allowing us to understand where and how to make shifts to improve efficiencies.

7. Pocket: I was torn between Pocket and Flipboard but I love pocket because there are times you may find an interesting article to read but don’t have the time. Well, Pocket saves articles from your browser so that you can read it when you get the chance. It even works without WIFI.

8. Mint: I love a good money management app. Mint is the best option if you don’t want to spend any money. This free app helps you track and monitor your spending. It compiles all your accounts together in a secured system to give you a total picture of your net worth and spending. They even have a budget and saving plan application you can use as well.

9. Goodreads: I used to have a long reading list in my notes section on my phone before I found Goodreads. Goodreads can easily keep track of the books you have read, the books you wish to read and provide you with more recommendation. I shoot to read 2 books a month.

10. Calm: I am all about mental health. Calm is a free meditation app that helps you find inner peace throughout the busyness of everyday life. Although not free, this app is a great way to incorporate mindfulness and mediation into your life. This app takes just a few minutes out of your schedule to pause and realign yourself. Easy to use on a commute to work.

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