Spotlight Series: Meet JaDawn Moore Founder of Brand U Consulting

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi I’m JaDawn Moore, MHRM, SPHR. I’m a passionate HR professional with over a decade of experience as a Recruiter and Senior HR Consultant working in the insurance and medical device industries. In 2018, I founded my dream passion project, Brand U Consulting, LLC! A career coaching and training firm that focuses on helping mid-level ambitious professionals define their personal brand and pursue careers with a purpose to achieve the success they desire! I enjoy helping my mentees, leaders, friends, family, and clients develop career strategies that align with their strengths and God-given talents to enjoy fulling careers designed specifically for them!

I am also engaged to my best friend and the mother to a handsome 5-year-old soccer player! :-) I enjoy traveling, reading, hanging at the beach, and Googling any and everything that comes to mind. I guess it’s the learner in me!

What was your first job and how did you get it?

My very first job was as a file clerk for a major US insurance company. My mother worked there her entire career. At the time they had a summer job program for family members of current employees. I applied to the program, was selected, and started the summer prior to beginning college. It was a great way to make money and begin gaining professional work experience. I was able to work there each summer while in college. I had enjoyed an amazing 15 year career there with the last 11 years being in HR!

How did you decide and get to your career today?

I originally went to school to become a Physical Therapist, until I realized, yeah science wasn’t my thing! After my first year of college, I was undecided and not sure what to major in. I went home for the summer and interviewed at the insurance company I had worked at the summer prior and was immediately hired.

During my interview, I was so impressed with the HR representative that I began thinking “I want her job!” I immediately began researching HR careers and knew that was what I wanted to do. I changed my major that summer and ended up graduating with a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources Management.

I’ve always been interested in helping others as well as the field of Psychology. After doing my research I felt (and still do) HR was the best career discipline that would allow me to work in any industry using psychology principles to address people issues while helping others start and build lifelong careers. The best of both worlds! #winwin

Getting into HR as a recent college graduate is not an easy thing to do. Most companies require experience to work in HR unless you want to start at a very entry-level (i.e. HR Assistant/Coordinator). I felt the best path for me was to find an organization that I loved, get my foot in the door, and then apply from within to HR openings. So that’s exactly what I did. I began my post-graduate career in 2001 and got into HR as a Recruiter in 2006. I used those 5 years to find mentors and observe HR professionals as well as build my professional brand or reputation within the organization. So when an HR position presented itself, I was ready!

What advice would you have given your younger self? Or what is the best career advice you have ever received?

I would tell my younger self to be more open to alternative career paths. I operated at times with blinders on once I set my mind to something, which was good and bad at times. I would also tell her to focus on the importance of fostering authentic professional relationships (build a solid network). And to not take herself so seriously, loosen up a bit, and enjoy your career journey sooner!

The best career advice I have ever received came from an executive. He stated that every few years he would interview with other companies just to see what other opportunities were out there, and to ensure he never became too complacent in his career. He encouraged me to do the same. I had always understood the importance of ensuring I was making career moves that made me marketable internally and externally to my organization. However, to hear his advice and reasoning at his level was eye-opening and impactful. It is something I employ in my career to this day. The saying is true if you stay ready, you never have to GET ready!

In 5 years, where do you hope to be professionally and personally?

Professionally, in 5 years I WILL be a “retired corporate employee”, successfully and profitably running Brand U Consulting as a full-time entrepreneur guiding ambitious professionals to pursue and achieve the careers of their dreams!

Personally I WILL be married to my fiance and traveling the world with my family!

Also for those interested in connecting and following me can do so at:

IG: @branduconsulting

Twitter: @consulting_u

Facebook: Brand U Consulting, LLC

LinkedIn: JaDawn Moore

No hope here, affirming and claiming my position in the universe! #speakit #believeit #receiveit #achieveit :-)

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