Spotlight Series: Meet Jill Plair Founder of The Bitchy Recruiter Blog

Tell me a bit about yourself Well, I've been in the recruitment, sales, and business development space for a little over 15 years. I've worked within the finance, legal, retail, food and technology industries, in both the public and the private sector. I developed my alter ego, "The Bitchy Recruiter", to allow myself to express a more non-traditional unfiltered approach to job searching. Through my blog and social media channels, I offer tips, guidance, and confidence-building strategies to new job seekers as well as experienced professionals seeking career advancement.

What was your first job and how did you get it? My first job was retail sales at Bloomingdales. I had always loved the store, and pretty much just wanted a discount so I could buy all the clothes that my parents would never buy for me. I got the job by simply walking into the HR department during the holiday season and asking if they were hiring. Clearly, online applications weren't a thing back then! After the holiday season was over, I was hired permanently. Working in retail taught me about selling, working with clients, and the meaning of great customer service - concepts I've carried with me throughout my career. How did you decide and get to your career today? It was actually decided for me by someone else! I was living in the Bay Area at the time and working at the Origins counter in Macy's. One day, a very tall blonde woman by the name of Cynthia walked up to the counter, and we started chatting. A few days later, I called her office to let her know about some new products that had arrived. A guy named Rich got on the phone and told me that Cynthia wanted me to come to her office and meet with her. She was the owner of a staffing agency called Bluemoon Personnel. This was a nice surprise! I'd honestly thought Rich was going to tell me to never call Cynthia again! When I arrived, I was offered a temp job as a receptionist. I hated it. Luckily, though, Cynthia liked me and offered me a job as a receptionist there at the staffing agency. Two months later, I was promoted to recruiter and that's when I discovered what I like to call my "spark!" What advice would you have given your younger self?

Never let the obstacles in life paralyze you from moving forward. I think that when people approach roadblocks, whether personally or in their careers, they tend to get stuck. The fear of actually pushing through can become overwhelmingly powerful enough to cause a major standstill in one's life. I view obstacles as tangible things that are very easy to kick to the curb! In 5 years, where do you hope to be professionally and personally? Professionally, I plan to continue making a huge impact on people's lives and careers, on a much larger scale. (Watch out Oprah, I'm coming for you!). Personally, I want to keep on being the best mother that I can be for my daughter, modeling strong womanhood for her. And I'm not going to lie - I'd like to have met the love of my life! I've been waiting for him forever!


Instagram: @bitchyrecruiter



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