Spotlight Series: Meet Organizational Coach and Consultant Sarah Feldberg

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I am an organizational coach and consultant with a passion for social impact, change management, and talent management! When I'm not in my office, you can find me at the gym, yoga studio, or beach.

2. What was your first job and how did you get it?

My first *real* job was as a User Experience Coordinator at a tech company that helps families find care providers (think: nannies, elder caregivers, dog sitters, etc.). Originally, I signed up on the company's website to be a babysitter, but the CEO of the company found my application almost immediately and asked me to work for the company instead!

3. How did you decide and get to your career today?

While working on my BSc.H in Psychology at Queen's University, my intention was to pursue higher education in clinical psych. My career ambitions changed in my final year of school while working on my undergraduate thesis with a cross-appointed faculty member at Queen's Smith School of Business. Merging my interests in psychology and business led me to go after an M.A. in Organizational Psychology (which I am on track to complete by July 2019). Leveraging my education in psychology and experience working in startups, I landed an outstanding position as a coach at a technology and design school. Simultaneously, I began making strides in my independent coaching and consulting practice. Finding ways to make work "not suck" (creds to my idol, Adam Grant, for this phrase) allows me to blend my knowledge of human behaviour in new and creative ways. I'm so happy to be in a career where I get to bridge the gap between people and work!

4. What advice would you have given your younger self? Or what is the best career advice you have ever received?

The best career advice I ever received was from my father. Growing up, he often told me that people who rush make mistakes. While he wasn't explicitly referring to my career at the time, the sentiment still rings true. While I continue to build my business, I refer back to his advice often when I notice myself making hurried decisions. I am a fast-paced person by nature, so this reminder helps me to be more thoughtful and intentional about my actions.

5. In 5 years, where do you hope to be professionally and personally?

In 5 years, I hope to have helped 1,000 people across the globe achieve their career goals! That, and pay off all of my student loans :).

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