4 Common Resume Mistakes You are Making

So you have sent out dozens of resumes to numerous jobs and still haven’t heard back yet Well, you aren’t alone. It’s a tough job market right now and employers are looking for the best of the best. But before you can get the interview it important to lock down the perfect resume. Your resume is a 60-second snapshot into who are you. Yes, you have 60 seconds to impress the recruiter. Most recruiters are bombarded with hundreds of application and don’t have time to read through your resume with great intense detail. It important that you make sure you are putting your best story together on your resume.

1. Forgetting to Create the Story

When writing a resume most applications forget to create the story. What do you want the recruiter to know about you and why? What experience have you had in the best suits the job you are applying for. A resume should be a storybook of your professional life. Look at all the past experience and make sure it cohesively creates the story you what to share. Unsure of your story. Build out a quick 1,3, and 5-year plan to help you guide your direction. Then organize your resume to align with your goals.

2. Not Simplifying Your Experiences

Along with creating the story, most applicants forget to simplify their experiences. Recruiters have no idea about the acronyms, dynamics, and internal day to day activities of your past role. It’s your job to “dumb it down” for them. Refrain from using internal terminology such as CFT to denote cross-functional team. Write all the details as if you are explaining it to someone who doesn’t know about your company or past role. The easiest way to solve this issue is to have a friend read through your past experience. Not a best friend but a colleague. If they can’t grasp it then neither can the recruiter.

3. Not providing results

Most people have troubles boasting about their results and what they have accomplished. On your resume, don’t be humble. Use those few lines to brag about all your goals and achievements. Provide clear tangible results based on the work you have done. Find ways to quantify your experiences demonstrating your impact on the company. Don’t be shy. Employers are looking for overachievers and this is the time to show it.

4. Providing Irrelevant Content

I hope we have gone away with adding Microsoft Word under the skills sections. These are attributes that employees expect you to have. A resume should be featuring your above and beyond traits that set you apart from the next person. The rule of thumbs is to have no more than 1 page for every 10 years of experience. Outline key experience and points that aligns with the particular job experience. This simple set can help you cut down on unneeded points that doesn’t add to your story. Use your space wisely and eliminate irrelevant content.

These 4 simple fixes can help boost your resume responses in this tough job market. A resume is a snapshot into who you are and provide the highlights of what you have to offer. Taking the extra step to fix your resume will help your career in the long run.

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