7 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job.

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This might be a weird topic during the pandemic but there will never be a better time to reevaluate your life and career goals. Making the leap to quit your job or shift your career trajectory will never be easy. Most people have troubles simply confronting their manager on conflicting work styles let alone quitting their comfortable job. With the uncertain job market and increasing unemployment rates, it might seem like quitting your job now isn't a good time. But according to,

"over 14% of women and 10% of men have considered quitting their job because of the coronavirus pandemic."

Just to be clear, these are stats from people who currently have a job. Regardless of the pandemic, there are clear signs you need to quit your job. Take a minute and see if you answer yes to any of these statements.

1. Your job is not challenging:

If you've been in the same role for a few years and are able to do your tasks with your eyes closed then it's time to go. The fiscal year comes and go and you are not really being challenged or learning anything new. It seems that you have mastered your current role and are essentially comfortable. This is a clear sign you need to move on and quit your current job. When you get comfortable you get lazy in your personal and career development.

2. You hate what you do:

Essentially if you don't like what you do then you should be quitting your current job and finding a new one. We spend at least 40-45 hours a week at our job and it is a large part of our lives. I am not saying you need to have a job you love but you should at least have a job that you like. It makes no sense to spend your time doing something you hate. This sounds obvious but quit your job if hate it.

3. Your job is in impacting your health:

This by far is the most important reason to quit your job. No job is worth your mental or physical health. If you are constantly stressed, worried or in physical because you are working in a toxic or physical intensive environment then quitting isn't a bad idea. Your job should not negatively impact your health. Health issues have long-term effects that will impact your family and personal life. Do yourself a favor and quit your job if it is affecting your health in any way. Read our top tips on how to avoid burnout here.

4. Work-life balance is non-existent:

Your work should not be your identify nor should it take time away from the people and things you love. If you are disproportionately spending too much time working then it now is a good time to rebalance. It is expected to have some "overtime" here and there but if you constantly are working 12 plus hours then this probably isn't the right job for you. In fact, most companies today make it their mission to create a solid work-life balance for their employees. Find a company that values these initiatives.

5. There is no career trajectory insight:

It's important to make sure that you have visibility to your next role. Career growth is important to keep growing both personal and financial. It is a big red flag if you have no clear career paths. If you are an associate and report directly into A VP then you have a problem. It means that your organization is extremely flat. Flat companies mean limited upward movement. Save yourself career block issues and start looking for a new job.

6. Your company's future outlook is sketchy:

If you are working for the next Kodak then you need to jump ship fast. Any company that doesn't innovate or to adapting the changing needs of consumers or business is a place you don't want to be. Sometimes this is harder to see in your organization. Begin to pay attention to company staff meetings, organizational changes, strategy adjustments, or even concerning financial performances. This can give you a better understanding of your companies long-term direction or any concerning headwinds they are facing.

7. You've discovered a new passion:

Now might be the right time to pivot your career into a new direction. A direction you have always wanted to go into. Say you went to school for Journalism but decided to get a job in Marketing or Business because it paid better. Maybe this is a good time to start working in something you are actually passionate about. Or crazy idea, it might be a good idea to jump into starting a new business or side hustle that aligns with your current interests or skills. Don't let your current job stop you from pursuing a passion.

If you agree with any piece of this article then you really need to start developing a plan to find a new job that will better fit your long-term goals. I know now might not seem like the right time to quit but there really isn't a right time to quit. Creating an "exit plan" takes time. Start creating a plan to help you find your next job. Don't be afraid, many companies are hiring right now so why wait?

About the Author:

Grace Kasozi is the Founder of Kasozi Associates a platform dedicated to connecting women professional to women life, business, and career coaches to help close the gap. Grace has over 10 years of experience building well-known brands. She holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota and is currently a Global Brand Manager at large midwest CPG. She spends her free time traveling the world with her husband and 2-year-old son.

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