8 Reasons Why Everyone Hates Finding a New Job

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We are living in unprecedented times and unfortunately, millions of Americans are out of work looking for their next job. And that means many people are forced to jump right into the treacherous job search process. Finding a job can honestly be really annoying. I don’t wish this process for anyone. The ups and downs of finding a job and going through the entire job search process can be frustrating. I am not sure why finding a new job has to be so difficult but the entire process needs an overhaul.

There are many things I hate about finding a new job. I wish people we could cut down the entire process to 1 week from start to finish. Get an interview and within a week get an answer. How difficult could that be? Yes I know there are systems, work politics, and screenings etc.. but we honestly need to find a better way to finding a new job. I dislike finding a new job, probably because I once again my financial future depend on someone else. I find that the higher you get in your career the more intensive the job search process becomes.

There are hundreds of reasons why I hate finding a new job but below are, what I know, everyone will agree with.

1. Unrealistic Job Descriptions: I read a job description that was basically asking for the candidate to be a NASA level scientist for an entry-level marketing job. Or when the job description is so specific that you are curious who would be the ideal candidate. Job descriptions are asking for the world for basic corporate jobs. Please, give us a break hiring manager.

2. Updating your Resume for Each Job: Now this process if so annoying. So you have written an amazing resume and boom you find a new job online that you love but you then have to rework the entire resume again just to align to that job description. I mean the tasks and outcome on your resume will be the same but the “buzz words” need have adjusted to pass this Company X's algorithm. This is so time-consuming.

3. Creating a Cover Letter: Now please someone tell me the purpose of a cover letter in the 20th century. At this point, the recruiter and hiring manager has received my online application, looked through my Linkedin page and assessed my resume. What possible more can than find in my cover letter that will change their entire view of me. I mean let's be real.

4. Filling Out Online Job Application: I don’t know a single person who loves filling out an online job application. Why can’t they all use the same platform so we can simply autofill our responses or have a universal profile?

And to state the obvious, everything I am putting in the online application can be found in my 1-page resume!

5. Interviewing with Too Many People: So you get an interview and you are stoked until the recruiter send you the list of people you will be interviewing with. You scroll through the email dumbfounded. Honestly, interviewing with over 3 people is obnoxious. I once applied for a manager role and had to interview with 9 different people! I then had 2 post phone interviews for them to conclude I was not a good fit. What in the world. Have some respect employers!

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6. The Outrageous Interview Questions: “At [insert company name] we value strategic thinking, so can you please walk us through how you’d determine how many windows there are in the United States?” I get the reasoning for these types of questions but at the end of these questions will never be answered on the job. Everyone knows once you get hired you get trained to think just like everyone else in their preferred ways so no need to act all high and mighty during the interview process. Get rid of these ridiculous questions!

7. Waiting to Hear Back: After the interview, one day goes by and you are uber-confident you are going to get the job. Then one week goes by and you are certain you’d get a call back by Friday at 5 pm. Its been 2 weeks and you still have not heard from anyone at the company. The wait can literally kill you. Employers how rude is this! There should be a rule that employers have to get back to candidates after 1 week no matter what or at least for a check-in. Which leads me to the biggest thing I hate about job searches.

8. Being Ghosted by a Recruiter: So a recruiter reaches out to you for a new exciting job. You get your hopes up so fast and clearly begin picturing yourself at the company. You clearly articulate your interest in the role. You wait and days go by and hear nothing from the recruiter. It is like being stood up on a second date. Recruiters, please now more than ever, make an effort to close the loop with candidates during the hiring process. Shoot us a note if we didn’t get it or let us know what are the next steps. Help relieve our anxiety just a wee bit.

So you've heard my rant on how finding a new job can be so annoying. But this doesn't have to be the case. Hang tight, our team is outlining the steps you can take to make this process a bit better. Hang in here.

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