Spotlight Series: Meet Career Coach Aria Aubrey

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m originally from Saskatchewan and moved to my dream city, Vancouver, with a goal in mind to pursue a career in the health non-profit sector. Growing up, I have always been passionate about helping others through volunteer work and fundraising thanks to my parents who showed me at an early age the importance of stepping up for those who are need. Before I built my career in non-profit, I worked in the health care industry where I worked with patients one on one. And while I really enjoyed seeing my patients heal over time, I always wondered what it would feel like to make a bigger impact in people’s lives which is why I took the leap and entered the non-profit world. And after years of growing into the industry, and loving every bit of my work, I felt this really strong urge to take it up a notch and help change people’s lives with my direct support and guidance as a Career Coach.

2. What was your first job and how did you get it?

My very first job was in modelling when I was 10 through 16 where I did print and commercial modelling. From what I recall, I was scouted after a school play. My first “grown-up” job was when I worked as a Clinical Manager (and Personal Assistant to the owner) at a private practice psychiatric clinic where I was also trained to be a Mental Health Counselor.

3. How did you decide and get to your career today?

A lot of people that I know and those who connect with me through my online coaching business think that because I'm a career coach and consultant that I have it all figured out but that's far from what my life and career journey is.

You see, I was a jack of all trades: I took jobs and first offers that fell on my lap, switched careers more times than I can remember, and so on. But the common theme with all of my previous work experiences is that I chose jobs that allowed me to connect with those in need so I can help them whichever way possible.

I held jobs in sales, healthcare, IT, hospitality, government, insurance, and non-profit. For years, I had no clue what I wanted to do except that I want to help.

Somehow I landed a job as a recruiter and little did I know, this was the start of my journey to finding my dream career. Recruitment showed me there are alot of people out there that need guidance in confidently securing jobs. So on top of meeting my recruitment quotas, I coached family, friends and candidates on the side about everything that has to do with their job and career search and career advancement.

Four years later, I officially opened up my online career coaching business and it has been a crazy, wonderful ride since.

4. What advice would you have given your younger self? Or what is the best career advice you have ever received?

It would be to take it slow and get really intentional with who you are: your values, your interests, your strengths, your desires and the impact you want to make. Then really understand your why: why you're doing the things you are doing now and why you have the desire to make the impact you dream of creating.

And the best career advice I've ever gotten is that there is no such thing as failure - only learning experiences and opportunities.

5. In 5 years, where do you hope to be professionally and personally?

Professionally, I hope to continue to bring massive value and guidance to my audience and to build a non-profit that serves new families who are in need of support to ensure their new bundle of joy have the essentials to thrive.

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