Spotlight Series: Meet Career Strategist and Communications Consultant Dalia Lourenço

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm a Career Strategist and Communications Consultant. I help unfulfilled professionals find work that's both highly-paid and that they love (even if they have no idea what direction to go in). I've been doing this work for the last 2 years alongside a decade-long career doing communications consulting for the UN and other international organizations. 

2. What was your first job and how did you get it?

Related to my field? Radio hostess for a local station in my university town. One of my contacts sent me the vacancy announcement and I applied, interviewed and got the job.

Before that, I had been a cashier, forest ranger and badminton coach, just to name a few of my past lives.

3. How did you decide and get to your career today?

I started this business because I was ridiculously happy in my career! I'd achieved a high-paid job working for the UN in International Development that I loved so much I would do it anyway as a volunteer. 

Now that I knew this kind of fulfillment was possible I was sick & tired of people breaking their backs to be 'successful on paper' yet ultimately feeling 'blah' and directionless. And ALSO because I wanted people to know that it IS possible to have money and freedom while enjoying your work.

I believe if every professional worked on the causes they REALLY believed in, our planet would be a completely different - happier, safer, more impactful - place to live.

I also wanted to work for myself as my next challenge once I achieved my dream career goals.

4. What advice would you have given your younger self? Or what is the best career advice you have ever received?

I'm really thankful I didn't listen to everyone's advice to "slow down, you're still young - it'll happen eventually." I actually wish I would have taken a more strategic approach from the beginning versus winging it. I also wished I'd been open to getting help sooner. There's a myth out there that we need to be self-made but the truth is no one becomes successful on their own. Had I known all the things I know now about career development earlier I would be even more miles ahead. 

Life is too short to wait around hoping wrinkles will translate into opportunity!

5. In 5 years, where do you hope to be professionally and personally?

Changing the world through an army of inspired professionals who have been through my Career Freedom Program

My clients are working on issues like climate change, health, migration, gender inequality and sustainability to name a few examples. If more people can learn the career skills required in the 21st century to create the impact they want to make, we would be living on a completely different planet. 

So many people wish they could "do something that matters" yet don't because they don't know how to land those opportunities or think "doing good" means losing out on income. Luckily that isn't the case. With my clients the opposite happens - the more passionate they are about their work, the more money they generate for themselves and their families.

It all comes down to having the personal branding to be seen as the go-to specialist and hidden job market skills required to build a pipeline of opportunities coming their way. 

Personally, life gets better and better every year so it'll be pretty amazing in 5 years time! I don't want to speculate because I know the Universe tends to deliver experiences that are better than I can imagine - however, the one constant has been travel and adventure so I'm pretty sure that will continue.

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