Spotlight Series: Meet Millenial Success Coach Eliana Goldstein

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

Hey all! My name is Eliana, but everyone calls me El. I’m a Millennial Success Coach for women. I work with women in their 20s and 30s to help them align with who they want to be, replace their confusion and self-doubt with confidence, and support them in creating their own paths to professional and personal success.

Professionally, I support millennial women in career transitions and career development by helping them tap into the boss ladies that they are. I do this through aligning them with a profession that truly feels right and then working on resume & LinkedIn development, networking strategies and interview skills to get them the job.

Personally, I support women in goal setting, work/life balance and fostering healthy, intimate relationships. Ultimately, my goal is to help my clients DEFINE what professional and personal success as a millennial may look like for them and work with them in building the mindset and strategies to get there.

Outside of work, I’m a born and raised New Yorker now living in Brooklyn Heights with my wonderful husband. We love exploring new areas and restaurants in Brooklyn and being outside as much as possible. I’m a lover of all things personal development and growth (Marie Forleo is my homegirl) and I am always looking to connect with other like-minded women!

2. What was your first job and how did you get it?

My first job as a kid was babysitting. I would do it all the time and I remember how much it taught me about budgeting and saving. I would put all my money away and save it for opportunities to visit my camp friends who lived in different states!

The first corporate job that I got after graduating college was working as a marketing coordinator at a small, start-up tech company. I remember wearing so many different hats and doing many different assignments and tasks because our team was so small and it was really an all-hands on deck effort. This job was what led me down the marketing and sales path, which began my almost 10-year career working in sales at a variety of digital advertising companies.

3. How did you decide and get to your career today?

After a few years of working in the corporate world as a Sales Account Executive, I became, as I like to call it, a “confused millennial.” I started feeling deeply unhappy about my job, anxious about going to work and ultimately felt completely unaligned from what I was doing professionally. I kept pushing through because I believed that not liking your job was normal and I felt undeserving and guilty that I had this “great” lucrative job and there I was - unhappy. I had similar experiences in my personal life, where I felt insecure and anxious and often unhappy in many of my romantic relationships, but too scared to walk away because, on paper, my relationship seemed great.

I continued on this confused and anxious path for years until I was completely burnt out and reached my breaking point. I ended up going to a personal development seminar, which became my turning point. It put me on the path to personal development, growth and creating a version of success for myself. That’s when I connected with a coach and realized my true calling was guiding other confused, millennial women who felt just as I had, towards their own versions of professional and personal success. I became a Certified Professional Coach, started building my business and haven’t looked back!

4. What advice would you have given your younger self? Or what is the best career advice you have ever received?

Don’t put the expectation on yourself that you need to “get it right” professionally on your first try. I think so many individuals, especially millennials, feel an immense amount of pressure even before they graduate college to have it all figured out and know EXACTLY what they want to do with their careers. It’s a crazy and completely unrealistic expectation, but it’s what keeps SO many of us stuck. For example, let say your whole life you wanted to be a doctor and you put so much time and effort into it only to find that it just wasn’t the right fit. However, you already feel you’re in too deep and so committed that you’re too scared to make a change. You will likely end up pushing through this career for years until you reach a point of complete burnout and unhappiness.

So, create the expectation that you are likely to have MULTIPLE career paths. Also remember, the only way to KNOW whether you like something is through trying it – CLARITY COMES FROM ACTION. So try it out and put your best foot forward, but if it doesn’t’ work out, that’s okay! There is something out there that will be a better fit.

5. In 5 years, where do you hope to be professionally and personally?

Professionally in 5 years, I plan to have a global platform for millennial women, where they can get the professional and personal support they need to find their individual success paths and where they can connect and network with like-minded women. I hope to have supported thousands of women through my coaching programs and have had the opportunity to travel for speaking opportunities and partnerships. Another big professional goal of mine is writing my first book!

Personally, I plan to still be living in Brooklyn with our growing family (my first baby is on his way coming June 2020)! I plan to continue prioritizing my own growth and personal development so that I can lead by example and always be looking to better myself! 

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