Top 3 Journals to Help You Reach Your Goals

If you don't have a daily journal, then get one now. Getting a physical (I know this is an old school) journal is the first step to reaching your goals. Studies show that when you write down your goals you are more likely to achieve them. Writing down your goals triggers actions especially when you read it daily. I used to have my daily journal on my laptop for many obvious reasons but mainly because my handwriting sucked. Over time I switched back to a hardcover journal and I am so happy I made the change. Spending 5-10 minutes a day looking at your long and short-term goals is a great first step to achieving them. Of all the journals available, I believe these three are the best.

The 5 Minute Journal

The 5-minute journal is probably the best journal on the market for obtaining an attitude of gratitude. This journal is broken out into two easy sections. First, you spend just 5 minutes starting the day with a morning routine with just 3 simple questions. It’s that simple. Just 3 easy questions to reset and direct your daily mindset. The best part of about this journal is all the steps are already written out for you and it can easily be incorporated into any busy daily schedule. I love how the journal focuses on positivity by having you write out your daily affirmations and goals. There isn’t much to it. The second part of the journal is a nighttime routine. It basically looks at how your day went and what you can do differently to improve it tomorrow. Each page is the same. There isn’t a timeline or long complicated sections. Just a few daily questions to shift your overall thoughts for the day and into the night.

Daily Greatness Journal

The Daily Greatness Journal is the most well-rounded journal on the market. With over 400 pages, this journal is packed with many great features. I know the name sounds a bit cliché but bear with me. This journal main focus is consciousness. This journal combines an appointment setter, yearly diary, and goal-setting all in one. The 8 daily steps (daily steps of meditation and visualization, intentions, dream journaling, gratitude, evening self-awareness questions, exercise, inspired actions and inspiration) should help you become more “can-do” focused in your entire day to reach your goals. There are dozens of question that shifts your mind into the right channel.

The journal has reflections sections, colored pages filled with inspirational quotes and creative space for the visual planner. Not only is it a journal but it also has goals check-ins that prompts you throughout the year. Against the simplicity of the 5-minute journal, The Daily Greatness Journal provides details through layers of questions to keep you focused and aligned. I would recommend this for journal those new to goal or daily planning as the detail-packed in this book will provide good clear guidance.

The Self Journal

The Self-Journal focuses on one main thing, taking your big goals and making them small. Its main goal is to break down your goals into “doable steps,” using the old age SMART format. The journal is broken into 13 weeks that break your goal into an achievable timeframe. This simple layout and technique can help anyone reach their goals. We all know the old proverb about “how to eat an elephant” Well this journal uses this same concept, just one bite at a time. Start with a great morning declaration of gratitude. Above all else, don’t forget to

express what you are thankful for. It kind of grounds for your goals. Next use the daily timeline feature. It breaks out your day into time chunks to make sure you are using each day effectively. Each pay has your long-term goal highlighted to make sure you are drawing back to your core objective. You have the ability to start fresh every day even if you miss a few days with the updated feature. The journal also has blank pages for the occasional doodler or person who enjoy drawing their goals. How awesome is that! And to round it off you will end with an evening declaration of gratitude.

A journal is a must-have to reach your goals. In the ever-changing always busy life we have, journals help prioritize and manage your days which lead to achieving long-term goals. Don’t take my word for it. Go out and get a journal. Start planning to get closer to your goals, now!

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