Why Women Don't Get Paid

Because we (WOMEN) don’t support - with our wallets - other fems. Yup - it is your fault ...again. Add to that our inclination to lead with feelings and wait for permission. We are terminally tender over being sold to. Feel “bad” wondering about our reputations. We associate ambition with bullying, and instead we .... “hope”.

“Hope” needs a hysterectomy. Hoping is what holds us back - you back - me back. I have this fantasy that “magic money” will arrive in my account from an unsourced source, like not a mistake or whatever or something misleading or dishonest. Something instead unforeseen - a benefactor without a name I need not have earned or be concerned with.

In my dream I would not even tell anyone, I would just take it. Bank it. Spend it, and maybe even save it. Like first love, magic and returnable. The “magic money” fantasy shields me from work, effort, value. Any obligation or insight into my own worth. Being broke is not as bad as knowing I have the power to do better.

We don’t get paid because we come up against the answer that creativity is closely linked to selling. That selling is not demure. Men sell, they own it, they get turned down and they sell again. Force is not lack of consideration. Force can be a deft demonstration of commitment to self, understanding of implicit, specific value.

Start Earning Itinerary

  • Clean up the dialogue about doing so - is to squelch any and all judgement about others doing so. We get our hackles up at marketing - we like to be tricked, not shown nor asked. We encourage sellers to be sneaky by being too cowardly to be spoken plainly too. Thus, we train ourselves to sneak as well.

  • Look for fem service providers and makers. Seek under the skirts of your retailers and spending venues. Pay more to prop up those who wear the economic petticoats.

  • Take the lead dancing with your own dollars - get in touch with Coaches and Planners, Legal to who not only serve but ARE female. Know that inclusion is a one-way conversation when it comes to advocating for each other beyond the kitchen and far beyond the bedroom.

  • If you get twitchy and triggered by a sister self-promotion - really really think about where that feeling is sourced from. What EXACTLY is it that has you bothered, Baby? Is there a way to get Promo right? Earnestly? Is it that there is a suggestion you might have for your professional Gender pal? OR are you pinched because you “feel” asking and assertion is too...something?

  • Think about men why don'tcha - how do they get things done - what works and what doesn’t and WHAT DOES NOT apply to women. (Shh answer: Nothing!)

  • Remember friends are great, but that is not what we come to work for. Disagree, well ... see ya

Ask first - feel later.

Come into the light ladies -for it is light that grows green.

Be the Sun on your, mine, her success

About the Author:

Tracy Michele Bullock is the owner/founder of Simplicity Do Your Dream Coaching. SDYD

ignites the careers & creative aims of persons and professionals of all ilks. Tracy comes to

coaching from life as a former actress, dancer, model, facilitator, trauma worker, & start-up COO. Tracy lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Robert, beloved bichon Benedict, &

A platform designed to connect women professionals with women career coaches to advance their career or business journey.

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